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I'm Kirsten 


I’m here to empower you to live your life with an unwavering commitment to embracing your purpose, knowing and loving yourself deeply, living passionately, and fully embodying the opportunities that come your way. ​

Throughout my journey, I have ventured through countless trials, conducted extensive research, pursued personal development, engaged in academic studies, and worked in diverse fields. At the core of it all, I have relentlessly sought the answer to a fundamental question: 

Who am I in the midst of this? 

This introspective quest kindled an unwavering passion and dedication to discovering my authenticity, tapping into my personal power, fulfilling my purpose, and truly embracing the privilege that accompanies it.

So, this is your invitation to embark on a similar journey. It is an invitation for those ready to embrace their authenticity, unearth their true personal power, and live purposefully and passionately while revelling in the inherent privileges of doing so.


If you are ready to expand your potential, generate authentic success and take your business, life and relationships to the next level ~ then let’s go!

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12-Week Group Mentoring Course

Discover your personal power, point of purpose and embody the privilege it is to be you.

The Claim
VIP Experience

Discover your personal power, point of purpose and embody the privilege it is to be you with the The Claim group mentoring course as well as 1:1 sessions with Kirsten.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced courses designed to bring awareness to who you truly are. 

I first met Kirsten back in February 2015 and have been seeing her for guidance and healing on a regular basis ever since. She is literally my most trusted advisor, and the first person I refer my family and friends to. 

She has mentored me through massive personal challenges, taught me how to live an authentic spiritually aligned life, and helped me to realise my own divine gifts. I would not have realised or acted upon my passion for yoga and writing without her guidance and loving support.

Kirsten is not a pump-you-up mentor. She is an honest and grounded teacher with an amazing intuitive gift. Her insights are always spot on, and her healing abilities are incredibly powerful. 
Working with Kirsten has truly healed my life and I am a more hopeful and optimistic person knowing I have her in my corner.

They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am so grateful Kirsten appeared to me, and excited for you if you are reading this, because she has appeared to you also.
~ Erin ~

want to be a part of my biggest secret to my business success and personal happiness?

One of the biggest secrets to my success is embracing my feminine nature and the cycles of the entire universe to work with the flow of nature to align with my highest timeline. I do this by working with the cycles of the moon. A moment, twice a month, to stop, reflect, tune in and let go. I share exactly what I am doing and experiencing with you, every single New and Full Moon on the Moon Membership.

The Moon Membership is at home on The Light Path Collective, which I am the founder and CEO of. I can't wait to see you over there!


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