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Self-empowerment meets personal growth! 

Kirsten’s personally created products are designed to help you discover and enhance your inner potential. Crafted to support you in becoming the best version of yourself, boost your self-confidence, and deepen your self-awareness, Kirsten has created her products to enhance the journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

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Kirsten Leo Australian Bush Flower Essences


Flower essences have a very long history of healing and helping. From ancient times until now, flower essences have been widely used. My decision to use, study and create Australian Bush Flower Essences was simple - they work. The flowers in these essences come from an ancient land and have evolved in relative isolation for the last 45 million years. Australia's flora is unique and infused with Australia's wise old energy combined with this land's potent vitality. Because of its vastness, many Australian plants enjoy a clean environment, relatively unaffected and untouched by human and chemical influences. This makes Australian Bush Essences potent in their healing potential. Whatever essence you take, the intention is always the same - to move from a negative emotional or vibrational state to a positive one. When emotional or vibrational balance is restored - healing can occur. These powerful essences work on restoring your subtle energetic bodies and shifting your vibrational state with the intention they have been infused with. Enjoy using this precious essence, lovingly made by my hands, to be put into yours.

Kirsten ~x~


Oracle Cards


I was gifted my very first deck of oracle cards in 2009. They became my constant companion, my teacher and the answers to my questions for well over a decade. I wanted to create decks of oracle cards that would serve you similarly. A tool to help you to deeply connect with yourself and your intuition. A tool to help you see your life and the circumstances you find yourself in through a different lens. A tool to provoke self-reflection and journalling to deepen your self-awareness and knowledge. A tool to help you celebrate the experience of just being yourself - to see how wonderful the full experience truly is. Your interpretation of the words and your knowing about the messages that come to you as you pull cards for yourself and others are the true guidance and wisdom that will come out of your experience using them. As with anything, the more we do something, the better we get at it. The more you use these cards, the more you have fun decoding their messages, and the more you will come to rely and rest on their help and guidance. 

Kirsten ~x~


Let us introduce you to beautifully crafted journals designed to help you deepen your relationship with yourself and serve as an outlet for your thoughts and emotions. Journaling offers a sacred ritual of self-exploration, where you can face yourself honestly and vulnerably, allowing you the freedom to express your innermost feelings without judgment.

Our journals are compliments to our Oracle Card decks and to my signiture Moon Membership.

Through the practice of journaling, you can track your self-development, gaining insights into your growth and progress. It has been a transformative tool, enabling me to know and see myself better and accelerate my healing and self-awareness. By consistently curating the best version of myself, I have found a profound sense of clarity and purpose.

Make journaling a part of your daily routine and experience the powerful benefits of self-reflection. Our journals are here to support you on your journey towards greater self-discovery, acceptance, and personal growth. Embrace this sacred ritual and discover the incredible power of being completely honest and vulnerable with yourself.

Kirsten ~x~





I founded all my offerings out of a passion to help people rediscover the brilliance they came to this earth with. We are, on some level, at one time or another, lost, confused, wounded or frustrated. But what remains under the shadows these clouds can cast is our magnificence. It is our light that makes us brilliant. To remind people of this and to help them connect to, and embrace, their magic, their talents, their brilliance and their light is my biggest passion and my greatest honor. 
~ Kisrten Leo

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